05 November 2012

To End Welfare

As I have argued previously, crime is an economic activity. The distribution of illegal drugs certainly qualifies as does most other illegal conduct. Property crimes are a major contributor to the economic life of the nation: theft, fraud, forgery, burglary, robbery, to recount just a few. Congress has in its power to increase the incidence of property crimes ten fold with the correct legislation. We should discontinue disability payments to those unemployable for whatever reason they might have such as mental or physical disabilities. Schizophrenics find it difficult to maintain employment-of any kind. People of below marginal intelligence find it difficult to keep a job for any length of time. And of course, substance abusers are notoriously unfit for the job market. There are many, especially Republicans, who continually bemoan the handouts to these people. They should work for a living just like us responsible citizens. I am in agreement with those who wish to terminate disability payments, welfare for women who keep having illegitimate children, food stamps, and other forms of free handouts to ne'er-do-wells. By ending these nefarious forms of redistribution of wealth, we would have an veritable explosion in crime, especially property crime and drug dealing. It would be an immense benefit to the economy. The money spent to replace what was stolen, burgled, robbed, and otherwise taken illegally, the money spent to hire law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, jailers, prison guards, counselors, social workers, probation and parole officers, clerks of court, the increased insurance premiums, the construction of additional jails and prisons would be far in excess of sums doled out to the unemployable. One might think that the return of begging and the vast increase in homelessness would be a significant problem. Not so. Our legislatures would bring back the crimes against begging, panhandling, loitering, and other infractions meant to keep the miscreants off the streets. Its very annoying to have people come to your door begging for food, or rushing up to you as you exit your vehicle requesting they be allowed to wash your windshield for a few bucks, especially if they have children tagging along. If children are found on the streets, we have an army of social workers able and willing to snatch them up and file children in need of assistance petitions based upon neglect. These parents will be unable to fulfill the numerous requirements imposed on them for the return of their children such as court appearances, parenting classes, substance abuse counseling, and in no time at all a termination of parental rights petition will be filed and the parent-child relationship be permanently severed allowing some deserving family to adopt. Complaints about burglary, home invasions, robbery, pick pockets, shop lifting, etc. will not be tolerated. Homes must be burglar proofed, security cameras must be purchased, razor wire must be installed--money must be spent. The Gross National Product will jump from the now measly two percent to four or five; jobs will be created; the deficit shall be reduced: taxes will decrease. All will be for the good.

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