24 March 2010

Court Service with Judge Mott

Arrived late for Judge Mott's court this morning. Court services in Wednesday. Court services means people go to jail, placed on probation, get fined; or, simply plead to a criminal charge, set further hearings including trials. As I said I arrived late and there was standing room only when I did arrive. I was a 100% today--all clients present and accounted for. This is an unusual occurrence in that usually one or more has forgotten, never knew, or just doesn't want to come.

Some say that Judge Mott does not give deferred judgments or deferred sentences. That is incorrect--he does when the situation warrants it. My count this morning was three guilty pleas, two sentencings, and a bond review hearing. Afraid I may not have been successful on the bond review matter, but the Judge has not ruled. It is my opinion, my client should stay in jail until his current charges are resolved. He does not seem to have the ability to stay out of jail for he is continually incurring new charges. The only method open to him to resolve his legal problems may be simply to stay in jail pending trial on the current charges. Some just can't win--bad karma.