26 October 2012

Immigration vs. imprisonment

While preparing for the day this morning the thought, or I should say, question occurred to me whether there is a correlation between the people we admit to this country and the people we throw away. You may ask, "What do you mean by the term throw away?" Our federal government throws away thousands of American citizens every year by imprisoning them often for many years. If you sentence a 40 year old man to 20 years in the federal penitentiary, upon release he will remain a tossed-out old man surviving the best he can until he dies. On the other side of this equation we have the federal government setting immigration quotas allowing a certain number of people admission to the United States with the idea they will remain permanently, have children, and multiply. These people are screened for admission. Whether or not the requirements for admission are set in stone or change from time to time, I can not say. But my question is whether or not there is a correlation between the immigration quotas and the number of people we throw away. This would make a good study. I presume there are sufficient statistics to make some sort of analysis. The irony is that the xenophobes that inhabit many sections of the country also constitute the portion of the population most supporting of the imprisonment of vast numbers of their own countrymen. Their position is to get rid of the Mexicans and all those who don't do what they are told, i.e., criminals. The thought process by which this conclusion is reached escapes me. The possible genesis of it may be in the idea that wealth (prosperity) is a fixed sum and the more people there are the less anyone person has. If this is indeed the source of the prevailing attitude, the ignorance it reflects is stupendous. This is most likely the case and is not a mystery. P. T. Barnum not only voiced his opinion of the stupidity of the American public, he proved it.