07 November 2012

Election Results and Bestiality

The aforementioned election did little to satisfy the lust for incarceration either here in Iowa or nationally. Far too many Democrats were elected to expect any uptick in the number of arrests and incarcerations. It is a common misunderstanding to think that the Democrats have the same fervor for incarceration as the Republicans. The Democrats, but only relatively speaking, have been soft on crime tolerating a considerable amount of deviant behavior from the general public. The election results of yesterday have put a bad taste in the mouth of law enforcement. They realize, even if the majority of lay people do not, that more rules mean more arrests. And consequently it is a sad day when the Republicans do not carry the day. Unfortunately there was no incidence of necrophilia or bestiality to make the news prior to the election which could arouse the public into indignation demanding action by the legislature. In 2001 a bestiality chapter was added to the Iowa Code making sex between a person and an animal (an nonhuman vertebrate, either alive or dead) an aggravated misdemeanor subject to as much as two years in prison. In addition, the court must authorize psychological evaluation and treatment at the defendant's own expense. I have reviewed Chapter 692A and it does not appear that a person convicted of having sex with an animal is required to register as a sex offender. What could be more egregious than having sex with an animal. If having sex when criminally enjoined from doing so is not a sex crime, what is? I think even Democrats could be persuaded to amend Chapter 692A to include bestiality as a crime requiring sex offender registry. It would open up a whole new area of regulation and therapy. For instance, new sections could be added to the chapter to prohibit the offenders from living within two thousand feet of a stock yard, sale barn, veterinarian office, kennel, or any registered pet owner. The safety of our pets and live stock should be paramount. A new field of expertise would come into existence: person-animal sex therapists. PETA would approve. It is true that the code section in issue here, 717C, currently requires psychological evaluation, but this really misses the mark. What will be needed are therapists specializing in person-animal sex. I know that I am not alone in my concern for our pets. If you share this concern, do the responsible thing and contact your legislators demanding action.