18 February 2009

We had a three-day trial scheduled starting today in Newton. Gave my client one more chance to take a deal and after two hours we had a guilty plea and sentencing accomplished to amended charges. Would give more details but probably shouldn't. Goodhue was the judge. Good man Goodhue. In Tom Mott's court I had scheduled a motion to withdraw as attorney of record. After being told by my client that I needed to return to law school, I had nothing else to say to him. Judge Mott granted my motion immediately and I returned to other matters. Occasions arise when attorney and client get crosswise and the best policy is to remove yourself from harms way. Nothing good comes from a disgruntled client. Cut your losses and run.

Now that I have two days to work in the office, may accomplish some things that have been sitting on the desk for a piece. Always nice to have a day or to in the office. A couple of abstracts to read, a motion to suppress to finish, a PCR to file, a sentencing to prepare for. By noon I'll be ready to drive to Colfax for lunch.