20 August 2012

Well, we have several people in jail, a couple having been picked up over the weekend with one holdover from last week. The holdover really feels that he shouldn't be in jail. He wants to plead, get probation, and go on his way. The fellow is insistent that he have a plea offer to this effect. Unfortunately the plea offer on the table is prison which is something the fellow can not understand or either unable to mentally assimilate. Apparently it is not a real plea offer until the plea offer is the one he wants. There was also an issue with bond. The bond is set for cash only which, to his mind, is a serious and unjust breach of the rules. His disappearance for a year and a half should not be considered, especially since he has been employed and has a pregnant girlfriend who needs him desperately apparently. One has to wonder how a person can not accept facts. One must make a conscious effort to ignore them; it is an act of concentration and purpose to say that the ball I'm bouncing is blue when it is in fact red and "I don't care what you say, it was, is and will be blue until I say it is some other color." And, of course, what ever happens to him will not be his doing but his attorney or some other agency conspiring against him. There really isn't enough money to make an attorney want to represent someone such as this, but here we are doing our duty, helping the downtrodden, those without means, and the people in never-never land.