11 December 2008

A trip to Montezuma and a visit to the jail and courthouse. The jail, which I have not visited in some years is really an antique and once vacated could be an instant museum. The courthouse is somewhat more servicable with the clerk, courts, and judges on the second floor. The county attorney has an office on the second floor on the north side of the building with the court room between it and the judge's chambers, the magistrate court and the clerk's office. Today with a hearing in the courtroom, I walked up the stairs--no country attorney in the magistrate's court or the clerk's office so I walked down the stairs to the north end of the courthouse from the southend, up those stairs to the county attorney's office. No county attorney. i therefore retraced my steps to the southend of the second floor where I finally found the county attorney to learn that the initial appearance for my client would not be until 1:30. The denizens of the Powshiek County Courthouse do not get exercised readily which is a good thing. Pretty laid back so my client was eventually allowed to bond out without any further effort on my part.