28 January 2013

Doin' Right

Doin' right seems to have no bounds. Spent most of the day in court today, much of it in a suppression hearing over the execution of a search warrant. At one time I marveled at the lack of concern law enforcement has for the property that is to be searched. Not any longer. Most, if not 99% of criminal defendants live in rental properties, either houses or apartments. Busting through a door, shattering it and the door jam with the ram has no meaning to the entry team. The ownership of the property or the amount of destruction does not appear to be a factor in their calculations.. Doing a thousand dollars of destruction to a entrance to a home is irrelevant as long as the people inside the residence don't have the time to run to wherever their stash is, grab it, and then run to the bathroom and flush what little marijuana or other illegal substance they might have in their possession down the toilet. Arresting law breakers and drug users is far more important than worrying about a silly little door which might cost the owner a significant amount of money to replace. After all the officers breaking down the door are upholders of the law and are ferreting out those who do not. It matters little that at the point of entry, no admissible evidence exists with which to charge anyone inside the residence. The purpose of the home invasion is to find evidence with which to charge, convict, and properly punish those who flout the law. Very seldom do they come away empty handed. At least there is a pot pipe sitting around in a drawer or some pills not in a prescription bottle that can be used to haul the residents off to jail. Law breakers must be hunted down and punished at any cost. Our well-being depends on it. If the landlord's apartment gets trashed in the process, that is the result of renting to scum bags and ne'er-do-wells. It is the landlord's own fault if he is out a door; he should be more careful who he rents to.