06 July 2016

     A quote from Christoper Moore's Bite Me, "working out is narcissistic bullshit".  I do like that thought, not that I haven't ever worked out; that is, if you include jogging as working out.  I have jogged in my lifetime, but I'm trying to think if I ever worked out as in "working out" and I can't remember a single instance.  Now if you are city folk and have no method by which you can obtain proper exercise like mowing the yard, gardening, digging, cutting, etc., then I suspect the temptation to "work out" is strong.  One's body does need a certain amount of activity to function properly and if you sit at a desk all day, you may not get what you need.  However this obsessive "working out" does seem to have an element of narcissism in it.  We need to look buff you know.

      Now I have known a number of inmates who muscle up while in prison, but I expect that is from boredom more than anything; either that or self-protection.  I give them a break.  I wouldn't call that narcissistic but more of a necessity.  In any event, go Christopher.