03 July 2016


     Being a vampire is not what it is cracked up to be.  I mean, really, you can't come out in the daytime which would be a drag for sure.  Yes, you do have super human powers and can live for hundreds of years if you make it the first year.  Apparently not all people who are turned can survive as vampires which is interesting to know.  In Christopher Moore's novel, most of the undead don't make it through the book thanks to some temporary vamps, two cops,  a vampire vigilante squad, and a really short Japanese guy who doesn't speak much English but has a big sword he uses to dispatch vampire cats and an occasional vampire.  

     The Emperor of San Francisco also has a hand in defeating the horde of vampire cats.  The Emperor is a street person who has the inside scoop of where the vampire cats hold up during the day usually with Chet a very big vampire cat slowly becoming human.  All in all, Bite Me, is a little hard to follow with all the characters including vampires, vampire wanna-be's, non vampires, people trying to kill vampires and save San Francisco, vampires turning to mist and intermingling, etc.

     But as the subtitle to the book suggests, it is a love story.

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