04 December 2015

Iowa Voters

   Iowa Voters

  Upon reading a short newspaper article regarding an Iowa State Senator, Mark Chelgren, where he is alleged to have said that certain illegal immigrants should be executed, I did some follow up on the gentleman.  Senator Chelgren is from Ottumwa and is running for congress in the coming election.  On my Facebook page, Phelps Law Office, I referred to Senator Chelgren as an ignorant boob.  Later I explained that I would in the future refer to the Senator as an imbecile since that terms fits and I like it better.

     One is never sure that quotes appearing in the papers are accurate but Senator Chelgren is quoted as having uttered two statements that bear repeating:  "There is no reason to have felons here who threaten our way of life." And, "We have to make sure we are not incentivizing people whose only intent is to victimize."  Neither one of these statements is comprehensible, although they were made in the context of his commits about executing certain illegal immigrants.  Now I realize that journalists take the most blatant examples to repeat in the effort to sell copy, but if these two statements reflect the level of education and knowledge possessed by the Senator and are an accurate reflection of the Senator's campaign pronouncements, I must ask how he could be elected to a position in our legislature where he is sent to assist in making laws that we must all live by.

     If the people of this state are such that these statements by the Senator have meaning, I'm not sure there is much help for us.  It is the same for our presidential candidate, Mr. Trump:  I can here someone say now, "Oh man! No candidate has ever said that before--he must be really smart.  I'm going to vote for him."  I'm not so much alarmed that we have people who say the things these two people say, what is alarming is that there are other people, many other people, who think they should be elected to public office. 

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