14 January 2013

Reporting an Injustice

Once upon a time a man bought what he thought was some very good marijuana. As it turned out, it was of very poor quality. It must have been that the man did not know where to find his source, or the name of his source, or possibly, his source had left town; but for whatever reason the man thought since he was cheated, he should report the matter to the authorities, which he did. The man requested that he be able to fill out a report and that the police investigate the matter; or at least make it right in some fashion. Various officers on duty at the time consulted among themselves and determined that it would be appropriate to offer the man some money if he would buy some marijuana from either the person who sold him the bad marijuana or some other person who had marijuana to sell. This they presented to the man with the additional enticement of $25 if the man would buy some marijuana so the police could make an arrest of a marijuana dealer. Having been a slow day, this would give the police something to do- an activity to while away the hours before they went off duty. The man was not about to turn down $25 so he readily agreed to buy some marijuana so the police could arrest either the culprit who had cheated him or some other source. This was to happen quickly, the officers must have been bored for they were to do the buy the very same hour that the man reported the injustice. A requirement for a controlled buy is to pat down and search the person making the buy so that the officers can later testify that the person making the buy had nothing on him other than what was supplied by the police. Unfortunately for the man, he had not thought he should dispose of the bad marijuana before reporting the matter to the police; but in any event, the man had the bad marijuana in his pocket when the police searched him for purposes of making the buy. The result of the man's encounter with the police was not what had been intended. The man was arrested and put in jail charged with possession of marijuana and the buy was forgotten. The police saved $25, they were able to arrest someone, and all was well. No surveillance was required, no paper work and authorization was required to obtain the $25, the task force was not notified. It was a good day for all but the man who spent money on bad marijuana and then arrested. He lost all way round.

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