19 January 2013

In the Middle

Relaxation should have flooded over me this morning when I read that State Representative Dan Kelly of Newton will see to it that the middle class will be strengthened by his efforts in the Iowa legislature. He states in his declaration of intent that he will "move the middle class forward" by the proper attention to the governor's education initiative. Since the term "middle class" has a somewhat amorphous designation, probably that of the bell curve, most of us include ourselves in it. Apparently being in the middle is a satisfactory place to be. No one I have ever spoken with has ever disclaimed it. Representative Kelly is thereby speaking to us, the 90% of the public, those in the middle who take what he says seriously. Now, I require some edification, education if you will, on where Mr. Kelly wants to move me. At the moment I am satisfied as to my location and moving forward or any other direction will require some discussion. Representative Kelly continues by stating that he will not be bullied by the governor which indicates that he believes the governor may be moving in a direction other than forward--backward or sideways perhaps. All this movement would be disconcerting if one could discern what these people are talking about. Since I can gather no meaning from Representative Kelly's pronouncements, I can only presume that Representative Kelly intends making statements without any significance, at best, and at worst, that he has no ability to communicate in an intelligent manner. I would like to give Representative Kelly the benefit of the doubt and believe that he purposefully makes statements that have no meaning. Intentionally obfuscating has become a perfectly acceptable method of behaving for our elected representatives. This would indicate that Representative Kelly has made an accurate assessment of the general public and wishes to retain his seat in the Iowa House. This can be done by proclaiming his support of the middle class and his desire to move us forward.

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